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Tailor your communication for each individual

Marketing and Communication today is expensive and inefficient. It’s getting more difficult to cut through the noise. As a result Marketing departments create always on strategies in all channels. On the recieving end, we drown in irrelevant spam and delete before reading.  

To cut through the noise, oranizations need to create more interesting and relevant content based on segments and personas to create a better dialouge and build a stronger relation.  

Technology for creating personalization at scale is now mature, but all Marketeers and Communicators will not become promt engineers, nor should they have to master 10 different tools in order to solve it. 

The market needs an application layer with guardrails and framework to create Personalized content at scale and in line with brand. 

Solarplexus.ai is a new and innovative AI based tool that help organizations tailor Communication for each individual. We help you Personalize every marketing and communication asset you create so it will target your audience in Solarplexus, enabling every marketers dream. 

 We respect European values of AI trust and safety and live by GDPR and EU AI data act. 


Free the world from boring and irrelevant mass 

marketing and communication


Relevant and tailored marketing and communication for each individual, strengthening the relation between brands and its customers and prospect

Improve the effectiveness of your
marketing communication

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