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Marketing and Communication is not spam if it’s relevant

How it all started

“You might have a hundred arguments that are relevant, but you need to find the ones that target your customer in Solarplexus” my Sales manager told me. Years ago. And that I have brought with me through my +25 years within the IT-industry working in sales and marketing.

The Challenge

Today’s marketeers have an ever increasing challenge: To cut through the noice to capture and maintain the attention of the audience. People are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information and advertisements. Many marketing messages are irrelevant or come across as insincere or even manipulative. And companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing and communication to acquire customers. And even more money are spent that does not serve its purpose. And they keep at it, what else to do?

Marketing and Communication is’nt spam if it’s relevant. Everything else is. But how to know what is relevant to who? You need to know them. Maybe you cannot know all your customers, prospects, suspects, partner, shareholders or whoever you have in your network of interest and that you need or want to communicate with, but you know what you know. If they are new customers or have been customers with you for years. What services they are using and which ones they are not (yet?) using, or never will use due to different good or poor reasons. Their buying patterns. What industry they are in. And so on. For consumer customers you might know how old they are, where they live, and other preferences they might have. This data should be in your CRM system and this data is gold, but more often than not, not really acted upon. Maybe you have segmented your customers based on i.e. customer journey, buying pattern or industry. Now we can help you segment on i.e. customer journey, buying pattern, and industry

The Solarlexus way

Instead of creating one campaign/newsletter/ad based on the above you can now create your assets based on all your segmentation points. So your customer that are in the beginning of the customer journey with the same buying pattern in one industry does not get the same asset as the customer in the same customer journey stage with the same buying pattern in another industry. It has simply not been manageable to create all these different versions of the same campaign/newsletter/ad, until now.

Another example could be that you are selling cars. We can then help you create assets where we place the car your prospective customers are interested in in an environment we know s/he likes, whether it is on a mountain top, in the archipelago or on a lavender field in France. With the information that is most relevant for your prospective customer first, whether it is technical, commercial, environmental or safety.

Because generative AI makes it possible, and provides the service to enable it. To create effective marketing communication at scale that targets in Solarplexus. Relevant and tailored marketing and communication for each individual, that strenghtens the relation between brands and its customers and prospects.


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