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Solarplexus is being backed by Amazon AWS and Almi

Amazon AWS and Almi is funding Solarplexus to develop the beta version of individualized marketing and communication application. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is backning and will be funding Solarplexus next development phase through the strategic partnership with goML. Additionally Almi has granted Solarplexus an innovation loan for the development of the beta version of the application.

“This is of cource wonderful”, says Ulrica Storset, Founder and CEO of Solarplexus. “It enabels us to continue working on the application. We will develop connectors to other applications, improve user experience, chat functionality, promts and enhance security and compliance to GDPR and EU AI Act. It also proves that we are on to something great and have been noticed by the big players” she concludes.

Solarplexus is well positioned to revolutionize the MarTech world, providing a plattform for individualized marketing & communication based on Generative AI. Marketing today is expensive and inefficient. By tailoring communication to each individual at scale, Solarplexus help customers carry a more relevant dialouge with its customers based on their interests and situation. This will increase conversion and help build stronger relationships between brands and thier customers. Win-win for everyone.

MVP is being finalized and Solarplexus is to onboard the first Pilot customers in the near future. Pilot customers will be highly involved in co-creating the application to ensure market fit.

For more information, please contact Ulrica Storset, Founder & CEO,


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