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The Marketing Department of the Future

Solarplexus is well positioned to meet the needs of future marketing departments when it comes to automate content, increase communication impact and improve process. Proves interesting report about the Marketing Department of the Future from Sveriges annonsörer and Kapero.

Marketing communication is more important than ever to build brand and generate leads. But it is getting more difficult to cut through the noise and make an impact due to the increasing number of channels and content being produced by everyone.

Marketing today is heavily into production and operations, producing content to push in an ever-increasing stream of channels. More often than not, marketing departments have more or less organized themselves after the different channels.

Own channels are increasingly getting more important, and most marketing departments are moving towards becoming a media house, building a strong in-house capability in order to meet the demands.

Why is marketing not more a part of the strategic agenda of the companies and not better aligned with sales one wonders. I guess that is a post by itself to come back to another time. Is marketing not invited to the table, or have they not proven themselves worthy? Or are they so overwhelmed with work they cannot lift the gaze for a more strategic view? It clearly puzzles me since I have one foot in sales and one foot in marketing and have always been proud to be able to align the two. In my world marketing should never be used, or minimized, to a pure content producing machine.  

Anyway, in the future, content production will continue to increase and needs to be automated. And processes need to be improved.

Good thing that is around the corner and ready to help marketeers automate individualized content at scale. That will increase impact of communication when it creates a better and more relevant dialogue with customers/prospects/partners/members… based on their interests and needs. Instead of pushing the same message to everyone hoping something will stick with someone. Solarplexus catches several birds with one stone and provides a solution for several of the marketing challenges.

  • Automate content production
  • Increase communication impact
  • Which increases brand building
  • Which increase conversion
  • And improves process

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